Just Cause Mobile Gets Official Announcement With New Cinematic Trailer

Posted on March 18, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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While publisher Square Enix in most recent events is recognized for the ground-breaking release that is Final Fantasy VII Remake on PlayStation 4, the Japanese firm is looking to tap into another market unattached to the living room. In that, the firm is aiming to make a stronger presence in mobile gaming. Already, Square Enix proves to be in pursuit for the audience with the announcements of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier & Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis both which were revealed last month.

Looking ahead for the scheduled Square Enix Presents showcase, it is suspected that the publisher would continue this new campaign for mobile releases with some announcements to take the spotlight. And just that occurred as the firm unveiled a new Space Invaders augmented reality project in collaboration with Taito Corporation to bring to life.

Additionally, Square Enix does not stop there. In that, the publisher also announces a new game for smart phones, Just Cause Mobile. You can watch the announcement cinematic trailer in the video below:

“Expanding the series, Just Cause: Mobile delivers the explosive action of the Just Cause universe to your fingertips in action-packed, single-player and multiplayer experiences that offer on-the-go grappling, gliding, and shooting, all presented through exhilarating top-down gameplay,” the press release’s synopsis reads.

“Featuring in-game cutscenes and fully voiced characters, players can customize their agent and join the ranks of Firebrand, a special division within the covert organization, “The Agency.” The mission: stop a new mercenary group under the name of Darkwater. Darkwater is a group made up of ex-Black Hand military forces from overseas that are now a major threat to The Agency across the globe.

“As a new recruit of Firebrand, day one starts off with a major attack on the base – one that the player narrowly escapes alive. Firebrand leader Carmen Padrón gives you the order to further investigate the mercenary group Darkwater and track down allies to assist you on your mission, including her former agency partner Rico Rodriguez.”

Are you planning to try out Just Cause Mobile when it arrives?

Just Cause Mobile is listed for Android and iOS.

Source: Square Enix

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