Kareem Choudhry, Xbox CVP, Officially Leaves After 26 Years

Posted on April 6, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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In a turn of events for Xbox in 2024 just four months in, the firm is reshaping plenty of its approach to the video game industry. The most evident is the four-game plan to deliver select titles to competing platforms. Additionally, confirmation on the next Xbox unit is already in full speed. A statement from Xbox president Sarah Bond, it’s the “largest technological leap” regarding any retail console.

What’s more, the platform has evolved to cater to users outside of console too. Already, just over 10 percent of its users are playing Xbox Cloud Gaming solely as of this past February. And it appears to be branching to being more than just one storefront too. In a recent interview, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said he sees a place for Itch.io and even Epic Games Store on the platform in the future,

Now in a recent development on the internal structure of Xbox, one of its prevalent leaders is departing after 26 years at the company. In a report from Windows Central, Xbox corporate vice president Kareem Choudhry is officially no longer at Xbox. Choudhry was an essential character in Xbox infrastructure – namely the backwards compatibility program as well as Project xCloud.

On the topic of Choudhry exiting after his seasoned tenure at the Xbox firm, it is still unclear for the reasoning for his departure. Jez Corden elaborates that it is undetermined on the finer details, but does not pertain to the restructuring of Xbox internally. One of its larger decisions on the matter includes the appointing of Sarah Bond for president of the gaming division.

Reflecting on Choudhry’s success at the firm, his effort with Xbox’s backwards compatibility remains a staple for mainstream game preservation in the industry. With attempts by PlayStation & Nintendo not even reaching the same lengths, it’s evident the impact lingers still. Alongside compatibility program lead Peggy Lo, Choudhry acknowledged the impression that the program made then.

Furthermore, Choudhry’s involvement in Xbox Cloud Gaming also left a lasting impact as well. Much so that he even discussed bringing the service to PlayStation. A filed email part of the FTC court battle previously shared Choudhry considering an initiative to bring it to competing platforms. You can read the full report by heading here.

What of Choudhry’s projects left the biggest impression on you?

Source: Windows Central

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