Karin Kenzuki is returning to Street Fighter V

Posted on September 17, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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Karin Kenzuki has been announced as the 12th character for Street Fighter V. Only four characters remain in the roster of 16 for the game and the announcement was made live today during Sony’s TGS 2015 show.

Karin uses quick attacks in a melee format in order to juggle her opponent into counter maneuvers. She last appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and is a direct rival to Sakura in the game’s timeline.

We still don’t know who the remaining four characters are to be revealed for the game, but hopefully we get some more classic characters added. From what it looks like now, Street Fighter V is going to be a sequel to Alpha 3, which would be a huge downside for the game. Characters like Eagle and Blanka need to be added into the game when it releases on PS4 and PC later this year




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