Katamari Damacy’s Creator Reveals Wattam, Coming This December

Posted on September 25, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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This latest PlayStation State of Play has been including a collection of overly realistic and violent titles showcased during the presentation like The Last of Us Part II for example, and Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi changes the direction of the livestream with the announcement of Wattam.

Turning the already gloomy atmosphere to a more light-hearted showing, this new title brings laughs, loneliness, and a lot of silliness with its lightly colored world and characters. The name of Wattam is said to be derived of two Japanese words: wa and vattam.

“Mayor is alone in a dark world with no memories, too sad to realize his dear friends are still nearby. However, an unexpected reunion helps him remember the joy in simply grabbing a friend by the hand and running off to adventure together,” the description for the game’s basis reads.

Following our yellow-cubed protagonist Mayor, he will create friends as well as reunite with old ones, “turn into fruit and poop,” and ultimately bring everyone in the game’s world together with along the way. Alike the zaniness of the previous series by Takahashi, Watta does look to bring more nostalgic and enjoyable experiences just from the new trailer.

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Wattam is listed to release in December 2019 for PlayStation 4.

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