KeyWe Release Date Scheduled For August 31

Posted on May 30, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Although couch co-cop games are appearing to be evaporating with online play the new standard in the video game industry, there are still developers that work solely to implement the feature exclusively to their work. For instance, game studio Hazelight: following the success of It Takes Two, team lead Josef Fares told the game’s performance illustrates there is still a demand for more releases using the feature.

Elsewhere, developer Stonewheat & Sons is on its way to deliver its own take on the cooperative genre. Through KeyWe, the objective is for two players to operate as kiwi birds Jeff & Debra to work a post office and using timing and cooperation to complete challenges. Earlier this year, the team issued a release window for summer 2021, but to spare more details coming closer to the game’s release.

Now this past Thursday, Stonewheat & Sons announced that players can expect KeyWe at the end of August. You can watch the release date trailer in the video below:

Additionally, Stonewheat & Sons revealed a niché pre-order pack exclusive to Steam for KeyWe. “Make sure you wishlist KeyWe on Steam now so you don’t miss out on our FREE Early Bird Pack, only available for Steam users who download KeyWe during launch week,” Stonewheat & Sons’ animator Joel Davis writes.

“The Early Bird Pack comes with a whole bunch of Telepost-themed wardrobe items – Jeff and Debra love representing their workplace and looking fly (get it?) while they’re at it. Oh, but watch out for that Experimental Postal Pack, rumour has it that it can upset the fabric of space-time.”

To rewind back to PAX East 2021, Rectify Gaming orchestrated a hands-on with KeyWe and explored the game’s capabilities. And while simple on the surface, a lot of stress is laid on your shoulders when falling behind on tasks – let me tell you. You can read the feature by heading here.

Are you planning to get KeyWe this summer?

KeyWe is scheduled to ship sometime in August 31, 2021 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Steam

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