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Kickstarter Watch 3/16/16

Posted on March 16, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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Each week, Rectify Gaming looks through the indie games in development on Kickstarter and brings you the best looking, most promising, and most interesting of the bunch. Here’s what we like this week:
Developed by: Thomas Brush
There will probably come a day where I get sick of artful 2D platformers, but today is not that day. I get into those side-scrollers with gorgeous artwork, emotional scores, and sympathetic characters, and I’ve long since added Braid, Limbo, and Unravel to my list of favorites. Pinstripe caught my eye and I believe it can easily fall into that company.

Why it’s worth a look: Thomas Brush has worked on two other award-winning games, Coma and Skinny. Now on his own, Brush is a one-man development team for Pinstripe, and has been working on it in his free time for nearly four years. “Pinstripe is a 2D adventure game about an ex-minister named Teddy who must explore Hell in search of his daughter Bo, who has been kidnapped by a strange entity claiming to be God.” Being developed by one person, the entire production can be a cohesive piece of art.
Funding Status: Raised $101,604 of its $28,000 goal from 3,607 backers, with 28 hours to go.
Release Date: August 2016
Links: Kickstarter, Official Website
Developed by: Magic & Mirrors
Sometimes I get tired of modern shooters, constantly taking cover, hiding, waiting for health to recover before popping back up and taking a couple shots before ducking into cover again. Early shoot-em-ups thrived on quick reflexes and constant movement, with hoards of enemies flying around, and lots of guns and attacks and power-ups. Nelo is a game that wants to bring back that style of gameplay.

Why it’s worth a look: One of the most unique aspects of Nelo is the instantly switchable POV from third-person to top-down, allowing you to take full advantage of the battlefield. There’s more than just combat to the game, incorporating exploration and platforming elements into the structure, as well as a really cool-looking section of orbital dogfighting. All these aspects put together will interest anyone who loved the old arcade classics, all without sacrificing a roll of quarters from laundry day.
Funding Status: Raised $11,669 of its $25,000 goal from 407 backers, with 10 days to go.
Release Date: November 2016
Links: Kickstarter, Official website, Steam Greenlight

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