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Kickstarter Watch: 3/2/2016

Posted on March 2, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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Each week, Rectify Gaming looks through the indie games in development on Kickstarter and brings you the best looking, most promising, and most interesting of the bunch. Here’s what we like this week:
Need To Know
Need to Know
Developed by: Monomyth Games
Have you ever asked yourself the question: “If I were in charge of it all, could I do better than my own government?” Need To Know gives you the opportunity to answer that question for yourself. Electronic surveillance has been one of the biggest concerns of the past decade, and now you can the one making the calls. Find your subject, dig into their personal info, read their texts and emails, track their phones, follow them with drones, and identify the risks. Are you going too far, or not far enough? Where will you draw the line?

Funding Status: Surpassed its $20,541 goal to $76,706, with 3,450 backers and 9 days to go.
Release Date: December 2016
Links: Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight, Facebook
Beware, Square
Beware Square
Developed by: Josh Carlton
Beware, Square is an Apple app described as Limbo meets Geometry Dash. You control a small black square with bright white eyes through a perpetual motion and danger packed environment. The art style is inspired by the haunting darkness of Limbo, meant to create an atmospheric presence of danger.
Why it’s worth a look: Josh Carlton is a recent college graduate and a one-man team developing Beware, Square. He’s worked on other apps for various publishers, but now wants to set off on his own to create something truly his and that he believes in. The game previews seem to indicate that he’s hit the target of merging the atmosphere of Limbo with the gameplay of Geometry Dash. If you enjoy both of those, Beware, Square might certainly deserve a place on your phone or iPad.
Funding Status: Raised $400 of its $600 goal from 18 backers, with 17 days to go.
Release Date: April 2016
Links: Kickstarter, Facebook
Days of War
Developed by: Driven Arts
Days of War
The gaming world grew awfully tired of World War II shooters right around 2008. The subject was exhausted, and it was time to move on to different frontiers. However, gaming is a fast evolving medium, and people are itching to get back to the genre. Days of War is being developed by a team that grew up on World War II shooters and wants to bring them to 2016.
Why it’s worth a look: Days of War wants to get back to what made the World War II shooters of the 2000s great. They promise to go back to basics, getting rid of kill streak air strikes, wall jumps, and ordering drone strikes from an iPad. Days of War also promises a strong multiplayer driven experience, complete with a full set of modding tools. Created in Unreal Engine 4, the environments, characters, and weapons are all being brought to life like the 2000s could only ever hope for.

Funding Status: Raised $19,847 of its $100,000 goal from 381 backers, with 27 days to go.
Release Date: August 2016
Links: Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight, Official website

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