Kickstarter Watch 3/9/2016

Posted on March 9, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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Each week, Rectify Gaming looks through the indie games in development on Kickstarter and brings you the best looking, most promising, and most interesting of the bunch. Here’s what we like this week:
A Place for the Unwilling
Place for the Unwilling
Developed by: MadInSpain Games
Adventure games typically promise a lot of square mileage of exploration. A Place for the Unwilling looks to explore in the opposite direction, confining the player to a single city of extreme detail. MadeInSpain Games describes it as an “Adventure game set in a living city filled with secrets to unveil. An open world inspired by Majora’s Mask and Sunless Sea.”

Why it’s worth a look: Fans of classic adventure games like Monkey’s Island will appreciate a true adventure game in the modern era. The approach to keeping the number of characters and the size of the location small gives an opportunity to render unprecedented detail, and that can make for a great story.
Funding Status: Raised $18,968 of its $22,512 goal from 699 backers, with 6 days to go.
Release Date: April 2017
Links: Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight
Inner Chains
Inner Chains
Developed by: Telepaths Tree
The recent trend of developers allowing free usage of graphics engines has been a boon to developers everywhere. The Unreal Engine 4 is stunningly beautiful, and game developers have been making some amazing creations with it. Inner Chains has created a terrifying and realistic world with some of the most incredible visuals I’ve seen on Kickstarter.

Why it’s worth a look: Inner Chains is described as “An FPS horror game set in a surreal, dark, and deadly biomechanical world which resembles nothing you have ever encountered.” The blending of flesh and machinery produces some horrifying figures and enemies, all created with the gorgeous Unreal 4 Engine. The weaponry escapes the typical pistol-shotgun-machine gun grouping with some more interesting weapons like the ElectroGun and an interesting sounding BoneGun. Plus, the campaign has plenty of images to detail what gamers can expect come release day.
Funding Status: Raised $9,114 of its $10,000 goal from 385 backers with 29 days to go.
Release Date: June 2016
Links: Kickstarter, Developer website
Super Russian Roulette: A New Party Game for the NES
Super Russian Roulette
Developed by: Andrew Reitano
Who hasn’t wanted to play Russian Roulette? Not for real, of course, for most of us, but there’s a certain thrill in the uncertainty in putting your life in the hands of complete chance. Super Russian Roulette is an opportunity to do just that, in a fun, party game style. Go up against the trash talking 8-bit cowboy as he insults you, dares you, and acts just like a player at the table.

Why it’s worth a look: Honestly, when was the last time a new NES title was released? Many of us have an NES kicking around, gathering dust, or being pulled out when a fit of nostalgia strikes. This title takes full advantage of all the charm of the first in-home video games and brings it out in spades for today’s crowd. When released, the game will be in a NES cartridge and ship with a light gun.
Funding Status: Raised $62,241 of its $20,000 goal from 799 backers with 13 days to go.
Release Date: First wave of cartridges and light guns ship November 2016
Links: Kickstarter, Developer Website

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