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Kill It With Fire Update Is Out Now For World War Z

Developer Saber Interactive have shown to provide a slew of additional content to film-based zombie shooter World War Z as we witnessed following the game’s release earlier this year. And now stretching towards the half year mark for the third-person horde survival, the Kill It with Fire Update has finally arrived bringing new content for those thirsty to return to the game.

Firstly, two new story chapters have been added to both Moscow and New York campaign arcs for the title: Resurrection is the fourth chapter of the Russian city storyline as the survivors must take their undead voyage in the undergrounds of the nation’s capital. Just days following the events of Chapter 3, the cast decide to look for their own way out of the city.

Chapter 4 ‘Dead in the Water’ pits the survivors of the metropolitan group as they flee Manhattan by boat. Unfortunately they soon are forced to break for shore as the boat breaks down and must fight their way through waves of the undead on the Hudson River after their failed attempt to break for northern Canada.

For the more active players of World War Z, Saber Interactive is happy to announce that the addition of the flamethrower will be making its way to the game starting today, if you couldn’t tell by the name of the event. Kill It with Fire will also introduce prestige tiers for the game’s class system. Upon hitting level 30, you will have the option to rank into prestige and wipe your class progress. However, you will be provided with legendary weapon skins and specialized perks exclusive to those who played proactively.

Other niche features such as widescreen mode and a “Halloween surprise” which is said to be waiting for players to see what’s new with the incusion of this new update.

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World War Z is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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