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Kim Wu confirmed to return for Killer Instinct season 3

Posted on August 14, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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With the announcement of Killer Instinct season 3 at Gamescom we were left wondering “Who’s left to add?” Rash from Battletoads was announced on stage at the event and is currently playable as a demo until September.  In a post on the Ultra-Combo forums, the site’s community manager confirmed the news that Kim Wu will be returning when season 3 hits Xbox One and PC in March 2016. In his short, one statement announcement, “”If we were to do Season 3 of Killer Instinct, we would definitely have Kim Wu return. Well guess what, we’re doing Season 3. Tell us your thoughts about Kim Wu.”

Kim Wu wasn’t in Killer Instinct until the sequel and isn’t an original character. With the announcement that guest characters from the franchises will be making an appearance in Season 3, it’s curious to see who Microsoft comes up with. After all, only Gargos, Tusk and Eyedol remain of characters not released in either season of Killer Instinct on Xbox One. Even if all three of them are added, it will only bring the character count to five with Kim Wu and Rash. As each previous season has seen eight characters revealed, which three characters would you love to see added from other franchises? Let us know below

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