Kingdom Hearts 4 could release in 2025 says insider

Posted on April 28, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Square Enix has made it known they are developing Kingdom Hearts 4 since they came out with a trailer in 2022. A new report from insider DanielRPK claims that Kingdom Hearts 4 will be released in 2025. Daniel made this claim through his Patreon platform and it quickly spread across the internet including Reddit

kingdom hearts 4 2025 release

There isn’t much known about Kingdom Hearts 4 yet and there are worlds many fans are looking forward to. We made a Top 7 list of worlds we’d love to see in the new Kingdom Hearts that includes a Marvel and Star Wars world. The new Kingdom Hearts title has been in development since 2020 and if a release is planned just five years later, that is a better pace than what Kingdom Hearts 3 had. 

Square Enix had its hands full with Final Fantasy XVI released last year and most recently Final Fantasy VII Rebirth which has been well received by fans. Kingdom Hearts III was released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on January 25, 2019. 


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