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The Knights Of The Old Republic Remake is still being worked on says Jason Schreier

Posted on November 21, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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The Star Wars: Knight Of The Old Republic Remake has been a large discussion over the last few days as insider, Jeff Grubb claimed the game was no longer in development. “This game is not being worked on right now, full stop,” Grubb said.

According to Jason Schreier at Bloomberg, two people who work at Saber Interactive confirmed to him the studio is still working on the Knights Of The Old Republic Remake. Here is what Jason said on Resetera:

“Is it alive?” and “Will it ever actually come out?” are two very different questions. A third is “If it does ever come out, what will it actually look like?”

That said, I’ve talked to two people at Saber who both say they’re still currently working on it, so I don’t believe that the comment that it isn’t being worked on “in any way” right now is true.

As we usually say with any rumor like this always take it with a grain of salt, but Jason is a very reliable insider. He recently broke the news about Grand Theft Auto VI getting a new trailer in December the day before Rockstar Games confirmed they would be doing just that.

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