Kojima Productions Shares Its Next Project Is In Development

Posted on October 23, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Japanese developer Kojima Productions – the firm recognized for its inaugural title Death Stranding – announces to be working on its next major project. After the game’s unique release on PlayStation 4 back in November 2019 followed by the title’s PC debut this past July, the firm is now pursuing a new project which is still left with little information.

Prior to the recent announcement, studio founder Hideo Kojima shared in an interview with Livedoor News earlier in May that one unannounced project “fell apart”. While not disclosing the characteristics of the now-cancelled ambitions, there are several opportunities as to what it could be. Such as a new game, film, or an anime which team leads disclosed to be on the development roadmap for Kojima Productions.

The developer made the announcement on Twitter and links its career page for those interested in pursuing work at Kojima Productions’ Tokyo studio.

One suspicion as to what Kojima Productions could be under wraps with is a potential collaborative project with Junji Ito. With the evident cancelation of Silent Hills half a decade ago now, Kojima never teamed up with Ito on an endeavor. Evidently, Kojima did go on to work with Guillermo del Toro on Death Stranding, however, noting materialized on a project with Ito.

The speculation is brought to the conversation following an interview with the manga artist during Comic-Con@Home where he shares to be conversing with Kojima on a “horror-based game that he may be doing.” As of writing, there is still no word as to if the two are fulfilling the discussion – so take the claim simply as speculation for the time being.

One certain project that Kojima Productions is not enwrapped in is a new Silent Hill game. The most recent denouncement of the claim comes directly from the developer on Twitter where it flagged surfacing reports suggesting it to be authentic. You can read the full report by heading here.

What are you hoping to see next from Kojima Productions?

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