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KontrolFreek to release Destiny and Call of Duty gear this year.

KontrolFreek, gaming accessory specialist have announced that they will be working with Activision and Bungie to make Destiny and Call of Duty related gear for gamers.  They haven’t released details on what kind of custom products they will release this year.
“The team is thrilled to be working with KontrolFreek to introduce new thumbsticks and even more for Destiny,” said Bungie’s Jim McQuillan, visual identity and brand creative director. “This year we’re hoping to work together with KontrolFreek to create some unique designs that embody the Destiny experience for our fans.”
“We’re launching multiple products for both franchises, so you will be sure to get your perfect pairing for either CoD or Destiny,” KontrolFreek’s Julia Gardial said in a blog post. In a separate release, the company said “the partnerships include several new products … designed to optimize gameplay in each AAA title.”
KontrolFreek is known for working with the Call of Duty franchise but what is interesting to see is custom Destiny thumbsticks and whatever else they will make. One of the reasons Destiny is in the mix is most likely the ties with Activision and their partnership.
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