Latest Financial Report From Sony Reveals PlayStation 5 Already Sold 4.5 Million Units, Spider-Man: Miles Morales At 4.1 Million Sold

Posted on February 3, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Up until the release for the PlayStation 5, many were concerned if the system would sell to its full capacity. In that, the ongoing, and still, occurring COVID-19 pandemic essentially withheld Sony from properly manufacturing enough PlayStation 5 units to meet the demand. Already, pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 was already very sparse prior to launch and even more so now as purchases are similar to.

In an interview from Russian news broadcasting network TASS, Sony Interactive Entertainment President & CEO Jim Ryan disclosed that all available units for the PlayStation 5 were already sold following its release. “Everything is sold.” He continues, “absolutely everything is sold. And everything will be sold in Russia, there’s no doubt about that.

Now following the latest earnings report from Sony, the firm shares that PlayStation 5 is already standing on 4.5 million units sold as of the end of December. Among that, 87 percent of PlayStation 5 owners are also PlayStation Plus subscribers, the firm recorded.

Since starting to sell the PS5™ in November, we have sold 4.5 million cumulative units as of the end of December. We are currently on track to meet our sales goal for the fiscal year of more than 7.6 million units, but we have not been able to fully meet the high level of demand from customers.

Thanks to continued stay-at-home demand and the launch of the PS5, we have achieved a very high level of user engagement.

Additionally, Sony also shares its recording for Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The firm issues that the game has sold roughly 4.1 million units by the end of the calendar year. So in theory, about 91 percent of players that own a PlayStation 5 currently also enjoyed the standalone release that shipped alongside the next-gen system. However, the game is also on PlayStation 4, so the percentile of it being on PlayStation 5 is not accurately determined.

Sony also goes on to comment on its software upon release for the next-generation console by sharing that more titles were available at release than any other system in history of the brand. “We had more game software titles at the launch of the PS5 than at any previous PlayStation console launch in our history, and those titles have sold well.”

Are you surprised from the numbered recorded for PlayStation 5 sales?

Source: Sony

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