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Latest Firmware Update For Nintendo Switch Adds Support For Bluetooth Audio Drivers

For current talks in regards to the future of Nintendo Switch, specifically the hardware, it is reported that the beefier model for Nintendo’s handheld hybrid console is to be revealed later in 2021. From a report by Bloomberg, the outlet indicates that the unannounced SKU will feature a OLED screen which is less straining on the battery and potentially decrease latency when in use.

But as for confirmed enhancements to games currently for Nintendo Switch, Epic Games recently released a patch to Fortnite which improves both resolution and performance for the respected version. Now, the battle royale is said to perform more consistently and with a higher resolution as well.

Elsewhere recently, Nintendo in its latest 12.0.0 update welcomed a new feature to the Nintendo Switch firmware. In that, it is discovered support for Bluetooth audio drivers are now assigned to the system’s capabilities, as per the finding on SwitchBrew and relayed by Twitter user @OatmealDome.

Most notably, Nintendo Switch does not feature Bluetooth compatibility for wireless headsets or other wire-free audio devices. As a result of that, manufacturer Bionik created a Bluetooth Wireless Adapter for Nintendo Switch that can introduce the feature to the device – even when docked. But with the new discovery, purchasing third-party accessories will not be necessary in the coming future.

In regards to performance of Nintendo hardware, it is recently reported by NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella that the Nintendo Switch is ranked second in best selling hardware in dollars for Nintendo, behind the Nintendo DS which is still first. You can read the full report by heading here.

Do you hope Bluetooth support comes to Nintendo Switch soon?

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