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Latest Overwatch Archives Teases New Event, Game Mode, And Potential New Hero

The annual Overwatch archives has arrived for 2019 by bringing a new slice of lore surrounding the backstory for the playable heroes of the first-person title: this time introducing a new event by the name Storm Rising as well as teasing an upcoming map set in Havana, Cuba.

Recently published on the game’s main website unveiled a newspaper clipping detailing the new location through an article covering the downfall of Don Rumbotico’s soon to forgotten legacy in the capital of Cuba. Then following with a dug up mission log to Commander Morrison AKA Soldier 76.

Discussing that a strike team made up of Tracer, Genji, Winston, and Mercy are already assembled towards proceeding to take down Doomfist. By the end of the transmission, the woman sharing the information reveals herself to be Sojourn.

Leading to today’s new piece of information for Storm Rising by showcasing what looks to be a new game mode that will be available when the event goes live net week. From the looks of the short video, it’s shown to be a target takedown game type highlighting Maximillian as a high priority target followed with the phrase “Chase the Truth.”

Storm Rising will kick off on April 16th leading into next month where the event will end on April 6th.

Overwatch is available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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