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Latest Rage 2 Content Roadmap Reveals Upcoming Expansion Delayed To September

Currently, id Software’s Rage 2 stands at a moderately received title for 2019 despite the sequel’s partnership between the Bethesda developer and Avalanche Studios compared to its 2010 predecessor. However, the team behind the game has already went to the drawing board to better the experience of the base game with new updates which will feature new tweaks for current game elements as well as additional content that will be handed out and the coming Rise of the Ghosts expansion.

Now according to a recent blog post that reveals the scheduled content roadmap leading towards the end of the Summer, there have been some changes that pushes some content further into 2019.

Brushing upon the slimmer content additions, the coming updates will introduce modes like the highly-requested New Game Plus, Ironman mode, and Ultra Nightmare difficulty mode. Some of the appreciated adjustments that will also be paired with the approaching update for the game will also bring the option to disable tutorials, shorter in-game pop-ups, a camera deadzone slider, and even a flashlight.

Leading into September, however, id Software has revealed that the originally aimed August release for the Rise of the Ghosts expansion will now be aimed for a release sometime in the month following. The roadmap generously details that a second expansion will be coming later this Fall with a November-scheduled launch. Despite the second DLC left unnamed, it is reassuring fans will have more content prepared not too long after this first expansion.

Just last month, former id Software Director Tim Willits announced that he will be departing from the developer after 24 years at the studio the week following this year’s Quakecon.

Rage 2 is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Bethesda


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