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Latest Statement Reveals Potential Release Window For New Xbox & PlayStation Comes In 2028, New Document Shares

Posted on November 28, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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One of the ongoing controversies for the console market is the availability of the newest Xbox & PlayStation hardware. Despite nearly two years passing since the launch of these new consoles, millions of users are still adamantly searching for options to obtain a new console. But, that did not simmer growing discussions for new interactions of these machines. Previously, TCL claimed it could be as early as 2023, but that was soon understood to be untrue.

In the past, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer confirmed Microsoft will certainly iterate on the Xbox Series SKUs in the future, but did not elaborate on what is to come. According to a separate report from Insider Gaming, Sony is planning to ship a new line of flagship consoles with no disc drive next year, however, will be compatible with an external disc player which plugs in via USB-C. No to mention PlayStation 6 already being trademarked in the past.

From the latest statements of the ongoing U.K. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigation on the Microsoft acquisition for Activision Blizzard, new light has been casted on the discussion of new hardware. In that, Microsoft comments that the fall of 2028 is the next time a new console generation is on the way.

“The Parties do not dispute that some portion of gamers are likely to re-assess their console ownership at the start of a new generation. But they also note that this is an event that only occurs approximately every eight years. Ineed the next new generation of consoles are not expected to be released before the fall of 2028 at the very earliest,” Microsoft writes in the statement.

Additionally, the CMA also injected that “the impact of any foreclosure strategy on Sony may be particularly strong at the launch of the next generation of consoles, when both new and existing users decide which console to buy.” But for now, there is no concrete evidence on what these new system will eventually be – rather the concept is projected to release roughly six years from now.

What are you hoping the next Xbox or PlayStation will be?

Source: U.K. Competition and Markets Authority

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