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Latest Update For Metro Exodus Adds New Game Plus & Other Modes

For fans who have already beaten the third installment in the videogame adaptation of Dmitry Glukhovsky’s best-selling books series, Metro Exodus, you’re in good luck as developer 4A Games has dropped a new update today which introduces new game plus to the action-adventure title along with a handful of other features that will be included in the client.

For about a 1/8th of the game’s overall download size (6 GB), the Ranger Update will bring:

  • New Game Plus
  • Responsive controller options
  • Platform specified features (ex. keyboard/mouse support for Xbox One & controller light support for PlayStation 4)
  • Bug squashing improvements
  • Developer commentary


Most of the meat for New Game Plus is as expected with player inventory and weapons carry over into the new playthrough. For armor and wrist upgrades though, that unfortunately will have to be re-earned. Other limitations that applied with the mode also covers you losing one weapon slot, only allowed to craft at workbenches, and more difficult enemies.

Terrain affects also plays part as the game’s studio also brings real time weather which will mimic the actual day/night cycle outside of the game. Other hindering atmospheric affects like snow, rain, and fog will be more rampant as well as radiation zones being more frequent too.

4A Games lastly shared that new achievements/trophies will be added for the hardened second take on game’s story campaign. On top of all that, the developer detailed to start discussing upcoming DLC “in the near future.”

Not sure about Metro Exodus? No Problem! Read up on our review for the new title here.

Metro Exodus is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: 4A Games

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