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Latest Xbox Feature For Insiders Program Welcomes Game Capture Implementation To Auto-Upload To OneDrive

Posted on August 31, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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This past few months remains one of the most interesting in terms of Xbox update features coming to the platform. In July, users witnessed the introduction for Xbox Voice reporting. While typical reports are submitted through Xbox Support, the new feature allows users to capture audio to submit. This also plays into the recent Enforcement Strike System that came earlier in August.

Additionally, Discord is also playing a new role in Xbox as well. In that, game streaming is being implemented for console now too. The feature enables users to stream their screen via discord so those in your server can watch as you play. Noted, the feature is currently live for Xbox users via the Xbox Insiders program; there is no word on when it will officially roll out on Xbox or even PlayStation down the road.

Now the latest feature coming to Xbox Insiders Alpha Ring Skip-Ahead is enabling auto-upload for Xbox game captures to OneCloud. The option to upload to OneCloud has already been enabled to Xbox since the previous Xbox One early on, howbeit, directly uploading to the cloud instantaneously will now be included.

“You can now choose to have your game clips and screenshots automatically upload to your OneDrive Cloud Storage! […] Alongside the option to automatically upload new captures, we’ve created a wizard to help you back up your existing Xbox Network clips to OneDrive or an external drive. You can find this in the Captures app,” the Xbox Insiders post reads.

This new feature might be the answer many were hoping for after the confirmation of the Xbox Companion app getting the axe. In that, the portal was helpful for users to sort through content on Xbox including their captures to install directly on PC. But OneCloud could resolve this issue greatly. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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