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LawBreakers dropped to only 10 concurrent players today

Posted on October 12, 2017 by Rectify Gaming

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It’s come to a shock that Cliff Bleszinki’s latest title, LawBreakers has not met the expectations everyone had coming into launch. Since the last two months we’ve seen an unknown individual who made PUBG break 2 million concurrent players on Steam and Lawbreakers has dropped to a weak number today.
Admittedly, the game’s numbers were never all that great to begin with, even at launch. Lawbreakers‘ concurrent player peak was only around the 3,000 mark. For added context, the free weekend recently was averaging at a peak of 1,000 concurrent players, but that immediately dropped off, and just yesterday the game had dropped below 100 concurrent players for the first time.
Now, on October 12th the number has dwindled to 10 players and to keep in mind that’s enough players to fill 1 game. With player counts this low, the future for LawBreakers is looking pretty grim as of late.
We thought the game was pretty good. You can check our review here.

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