Lawn Mowing Simulator is now available for Nintendo Switch

Posted on March 14, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Astragon Entertainment and Skyhook Games Studio announced that Lawn Mowing Simulator has officially launched for Nintendo Switch and it’s now available digitally and physically. This simulator is the ultimate experience for all players who always wanted to build their own lawn mowing empire.

It involves hiring new employees, keeping an eye on finances and purchasing new machines. For the latter, original, licensed lawnmowers from the Toro, SCAG, STIGA and EGO brands have been recreated graphically and physically in a detailed manner. Each mower comes with unique challenges, accessories and upgrades.

The missions take players to lively residential areas, the green spaces of charming country houses, the grounds of historic castles or huge equestrian fields. Each map presents an individual challenge that requires careful inspection of the terrain, the correct choice of blade height and monitoring of the engine load. In addition, accessories such as mulchers, strip rollers, recyclers, grass collectors and flail mowers add to the high level of realism. Lawn Mowing Simulator offers individual gaming experiences for every preference with the career mode, the exclusive Quick Mow Mode, which will currently only be available in the Switch version, and a challenge mode.

The Standard Edition for Lawn Mowing Simulator is $19.99 USD and the Landmark Edition is available for $24.99 USD. You can purchase the Landmark Edition physically for the same price and it will bring additional fun with the two included DLCs “Dino Safari” and “Ancient Britain”. You can buy both DLCs separately for $4.99 USD each.

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