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League of legends: Lol 12.10 patch notes, champion adjustments, skins, release date

Posted on May 26, 2022 by Guest Post

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It’s time to shake up the League of Legends world and get some much-anticipated updates. The “Durability Update”, LOL PATCH 12.10 will bring some changes to the game’s champions and tweak a few gameplay fundamentals.

Riot Games has been hard at work keeping their player bases happy. We recently reported about Valorant coming to consoles. And now we’re getting ready to see what LOL patch 12.10 will bring to another one of Riots’ popular titles.

We anticipate that players might need a few sessions to get used to the changes in patch 12.10, and some might feel overwhelmed. But, like all changes, a new dawn of LOL is upon us and if things don’t go as expected, more patches can be introduced in the future.

Champions are set to get a boost to their base stats, such as health, health per level, and revise a few system changes. This includes Grievous Wounds, Turrets etc. So, to all the league of legends players out there putting in hours of gaming grind in the game. Get ready for a new whirlwind of gameplay readjustment.

Here’s everything we know about the LOL 12.10 patch. And yes, The patch will be available to download on all supported devices/platforms, so your gaming setup is still good enough.

Release date of the LOL 12.10 Patch

According to the official LOL patch schedule.

12.10 is scheduled to be released on May 25 2022.

What Can Players Expect in LOL Patch 12.10

Titled the Durability Update, League developers have released a big patch note which shows that the 12.10 Durability Update will be the biggest update of season 12. It not only brings changes to the champions but, 50% of the items available in the league shop will see a facelift. Additionally, a number of runes will be overhauled too.

Riot aims to slow the game down, as champions will be heavier “tankier” which will likely stop the burst kills.

They hope to increase defensive stats to decrease damage and allow players to showcase their counterplay skills more effectively. According to the developer’s blog post.

League Of Legends: LOL 12.10 Patch Notes

Here are a few specifics & numbers from Riot.

Lol 12.10 Systems

Baron Nashor

  • Attack damage: 125 + 8 per minute ⇒ 150 + 10 per minute

Grievous Wounds

  • Base reduced from 40% to 30%
  • Enhanced reduced from 60% to 50%

Magic and armor penetration items

  • Reduced by 5-10%, depending on the item

Systems with healing (items, runes)

  • Reduced by 10-28%, depending on item or rune

Systems with shielding (items, runes)

  • Reduced by 10% on average


  • Outer Turret AD: 152-278 ⇒ 167-391
  • Inner Turret AD: 170-305 ⇒ 187-427
  • Inhibitor Turret AD: 170-305 ⇒ 187-427
  • Nexus Turret AD: 150-285 ⇒ 165-405
  • Damage to minions unchanged

Lol 12.10 champions

Base stats

  • Base health increased by 70
  • Health per level increased by 14
  • Armor per level increased by 1.2
  • Magic resist per level increased by 0.8


  • Reduced by 10-28%, depending on champion


  • Reduced by 10% on average

The Skins In LOL 12.10 patch

LOL patch 12.10 will bring on five more High Noon Skins namely for Samira, Sion, Tahm Kench, Twitch, and Viktor. As always the new skins will reveal new models, textures, VFX and animations. We hope to get some awesome merch inspired by the new skins in the coming months too! Fingers crossed.


So there you have it, what to expect and what will be available to league of legends players when patch 12.10 is released.

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