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League Of Legends’ Teamfight Tactics Announced For Mobile, Pre-Register Now

The expansive universe that is within Riot Games’ League of Legends is no surprise when seeing that the globally popular MOBA would seep into other genres of video games eventually. Fans of the near decade old series witness this when the developer revealed Teamfight Tactics which later released this past Summer on PC. And while the game does appeal to those at home, many would love to see the game via a mobile port for smart phones sometime down the line.

And just that is now set to arrive as Riot Games announced via the League of Legends 10 year celebration that the strategy autobattler have been announced for both iOS and Android versions.

In welcoming the two new platforms to the Teamfight Tactics party, Riot announced that upon official launch of the game on both Google Play and the App Store will trigger cross play for players to initiate battles with any owner of the game. Alongside the upcoming ports for the new title, the team also revealed that seasonal sets will be put into effect in less than a month. Introducing new and familiar Champions to the already crowded list of characters and expand on different universe within League of Legends.

Alike the preseason for Teamfight Tactics, the first debuting season will be titled ‘Rise of the Elements’ and will feature new origins Desert, Inferno, and Poison along with adding both summoners & mystics classes to the title. Discussion of Season 2 also emerged sharing that the next slew of content will host a different selection of in-game characters and cosmetics.

Interested in getting your hands on Teamfight Tactics as soon as possible? You can pre-register for the Android version by going here. Riot shares that there will “have a few betas coming in December of this year:” with an aimed release for early 2020.

Teamfight Tactics is currently available for PC.

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