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League Of Legends: Wild Rift Introduces The PC Title To Console & Mobile

Fans of the popular MOBA on PC have indulged in League of Legends for roughly a decade now since the game’s debut back in 2009, and now it looks that the planets are finally aligning for the game to be making its journey to other platforms. This year’s League of legends 10 year celebration has birthed League of Legends: Wild Rift, a new version of the game players are already familiar with that have been crafted from scratch to adapt to console and mobile systems.

Wild Rift’s Executive Producer Michael Chow shares that the new project is a challenge that Riot Games has been looking to overtake for several years and felt that the team in finally satisfied with how the new game has came out for other systems. Clarifying that this new version of League of Legends is not a simple port to console, rather a newly crafted iteration of the fan-favorite title with omens that still hold true to the experience players on PC already have.

Chow then goes into detail when referencing the game’s learning curve and amount of time the title takes for players to full enjoy the game’s universe among the cast of characters and tactical team-based gameplay: he emphasizes that Wild Rift will fancy towards newcomers of the game by hosting 15-20 minute matches and an intuitive control scheme for both controllers & touch screen interfaces.

“We spent a long time making sure this will be a true League of Legend’s experience that’s worthy of devoting your precious game time,” Chow says about Wild Rift. Adding on to how soon players can get involved, Chow announces that a slew of playtests composed of alphas and betas will go live later this year in a picked regions for the time being. Of course, more regions can expect their own respected tests down the line leading into 2020.

Speculating on the aimed launch sometime next year, the chances of seeing League of Legends debut for consoles could also seep to the next generation of hardware as well. While not specifically gone into detail, the timing seems to be fairly aligned for the chances to be plausible.

Similar to the recent mobile announcement for Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games already has pre-registration for Wild Rift available on the Google Play store, which you can visit by going here.

League of Legends: Wild Rift will be available for consoles and mobile sometime in 2020.


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