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Leak Reveals Bleeding Edge, A 4v4 Online Title From Ninja Theory

Yet another leak have surfaced just days before this year’s E3 and what titles will be revealed at the coming event in Los Angeles as the latest detail reveals a new title from Hellblade developer Ninja Theory. In a leaked video from Slovakian Xbox-focused website Xboxer, the disclosed video reveals the unannounced title to be named Bleeding Edge.

Deprived from the ‘confidential’ reveal trailer, the game looks to be an online only, 4v4 title where players will fight out in melee-only combat. Similar to like Overwatch with a differentiating cast of characters and vibrant color palette used for the title’s appearance.

In the end of the trailer, the video shares that a technical alpha will be available for players to try the game on June 27th. As for how those interested would be able to access the alpha, it is expected that some sort of sign-up would be expected or members of the Xbox Insider program will be given the opportunity to participate.

Nearly a year ago now, it was revealed at Microsoft’s press conference in 2018 that Ninja Theory along with a handful of other developers have been acquired to create first-party titles for the Xbox platform. It’s evident that Microsoft has the marketing rights for the title as seen in the trailer, so the official reveal is expected to drop this Sunday at this year’s press conference: Microsoft’s 2019 press conference will go live on June 9th at 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST.

There is no word on when the full version of Bleeding Edge will be released nor did it reveal which platforms the title be available for.

Source: Xboxer


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