Lego Horizon Adventure Developer Shares The Multiplatform Decision Was By The Team, Not Lego

Posted on June 13, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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Although PlayStation distinguishes itself through the lens of first-party titles, the firm in recent months is now entertaining multiplatform releases. Already, this kicked off with the likes of Helldivers 2 which launched on both consoles as well as PC. This follows the stream of other exclusives that already delivered to Steam for the past few years.

Additionally, this was further established with the new PvP arena shooter, Concord. The game is set to release in August and continue the trend for live-service, multiplatform support from the PlayStation firm. Moving forward, it was confirmed by corporate leadership that the direction for multiplatform is to be embraced by PlayStation moving forward for its established as well as new IPs on the way.

Adding to this unraveling pattern, the newest project in the mix – Lego Horizon Adventures – is no different. Revealed last week, the game is set to release for PlayStation & Nintendo Switch. However, the developer when speaking to Video Game Chronicle confirms that it was on behalf of Guerrilla Games rather than pushed by Lego.

It was just a really unique opportunity for us. It was a natural fit for the ambitions that we had. I keep mentioning it, but we want this to be for everyone, and the Switch is really a platform that allows us to broaden the audience,” narrative director James Windeler explains. “That ethos goes all the way through the game, from the control schemes which are quite simple, [for example] it works on a single Joy-Con, and then also the simplification of the story, the lightening of the themes, the humour – it’s all part of the same ambition.”

While the push comes directly from the developer at Guerrilla Games for a Nintendo Switch version, there have been instances that the licensee strongarmed PlayStation to release for additional hardware. Previously, the Major League Baseball Players Association pressured for multiplatform support for MLB The Show and was later issued for Xbox & Switch. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you planning to get Lego Horizon Adventures on PlayStation or Switch?

Lego Horizon Adventures ships PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC this fall.

Source: Video Game Chronicle

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