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LEGO Marvel Avengers gets free Captain America pack today on PlayStation.

Based on the highly anticipated Marvel Studios film hitting theatres on May 6, 2016, this add-on content is currently available as a FREE download exclusively for PS3 and PS4 players. Super Heroes once united now find themselves divided! Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Character Pack expands the game’s already impressive roster of Super Heroes, featuring nine playable characters from the highly anticipated blockbuster, including Agent 13, Black Panther, Captain America, Crossbones, Falcon, Iron Man (Mark 46), Scarlet Witch, War Machine, and Winter Soldier. The pack also debuts the Marvel Cinematic Universe character versions of Black Panther and Crossbones, with both variants appearing in a console videogame for the first time.
This is not part of the season pass content, as it is free and only on PlayStation. There is no word yet on the first download pack for the season pass, which is odd as we are now over a month, nearly two, since launch.

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