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Lies of P DLC has been teased

Posted on November 1, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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NEOWIZ shared a Director’s Letter video on YouTube and it’s hosted by Game Director Jiwon Choi and he catches players up on the state of Lies of P since its September 19 release. The Director’s Letter gives a tease at the first DLC for Lies of P as well as sharing more details on the release of the official game soundtrack.

A balance patch is expected to arrive in November bringing significant changes to weapon and character balance as well as quality-of-life changes to make the difficulty of early stages easier. NEOWIZ shared never-before-seen sketches that tease just a small portion of the content coming in the first DLC for Lies of P.

More details for the first Lies of P DLC will be made available soon.

You can view the Lies of P Director’s Letter on YouTube or below:

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