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Life Is Strange 2: What I Want To See

The release date for the first episode of Life is Strange 2 is just around the corner, and I have some high expectations for what I’d like to see come out of this new installment in the game’s chain of adventures.

One, out of many, of the most appealing features to the first Life Is Strange was being able to select your own outcome from multiple options in each scenario. For me, during the first playthrough I lost two characters as a result of the decisions I made.

Ideally, for Life Is Strange 2, I would like to see the return of certain characters, such as Max Caulfield, the first game’s main protagonist. The great thing about the characters in the Life Is Strange games is you take on their world, you become them, you feel like you truly know them as if they were living on the same block as you, and this allows you to really feel their struggles and embrace their joys.

The reason I want to see the return of Max is to see how her powers of rewinding time might be used in a different place and time now that she is accustomed to controlling them, as well as what she is capable of achieving with them. The first time we met Max was in Arcadia Bay while she was still at high school; for the new game it would be nice to see her maybe in a bigger city, living out her photography career and having a new circle of friends that we can meet.

As my last choice in the previous game resulted in the emotional death of Chloe, I would like to see her character return in some shape or form. I do feel her character had its time in the game and the new Life Is Strange should focus on new people, but as Chloe was a strong figure in many of the choices being made, to have a reference of her in some way would be a nice touch.

Now that we’ve been introduced to a teaser for The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, it would be something special if his character would somehow make an appearance and be involved in the new game, possibly even teaming up with Max to combine their abilities and/or form a bond that might reveal a closer connection than just having super powers.

Although these are some favorites I would like to see return, it will be just as nice to be introduced to new characters, their backgrounds and what they mean to the game.

The structure that Dontnod uses is to break the game down into installments and showcasing each as an episode. The fact that you have to play one part of the story at a time is something that I like. I get so engrossed in each chapter that when I reach the end, which usually leaves me on the edge of my seat, I have to wait for the next one. It’s a cleaver tactic to keep players hooked, reeling them back in to find out the answer to “what happens next”?

The reasons I think this is a good idea, which might also be a bit frustrating for some people, is that no one can race ahead and leak spoilers if you are all playing it at roughly the same rate. The other reason is it keeps the game fresh. You are at the mercy of the date on the calendar, anticipating the next twist in the story plot, and yet, still reflecting on the story so far, the choices that you’ve made and where they will take you next.

Another good point to breaking the game up is that it allows you to play another game while you wait for the next episode to come along.

I usually have two, if not three, games on the go at any one time, and it is nice to play something the complete opposite to Life Is Strange, as at times I feel the story lines can be very hard-hitting, exploring deep and very real issues. This isn’t a bad thing though, as many of these subjects are very relatable.

Dontnod also does a great job of keeping the gap between episodes short enough that you don’t forget what recently happened or lose interest waiting for the game to pick up where you left off.

Regardless of what the new game has in store for us, I am eagerly looking forward to its release; I know I will thoroughly enjoy it.

Whether it’s using detective work in order to gain information, deciding what answer you give in scenarios to gain a pleasing outcome, or just connecting to the characters in the game, I want it to take me on a vibrant and extraordinary journey of emotions, life challenges and friendships.

Right now though, I just wish I could use Max’s powers of time travel to arrive at September 27th and get playing.


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