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Lightning Strikes Update Planned To Fix Time To Death Issue For Battlefield V

Swedish-based studio DICE has been continuously working to undo the damage done when Battlefield V released in mid-November last year with the previous update revert last month and now planning to bring a fix for time to death and additional content to drop for the first-person shooter also.

In a recent blog post, DICE revealed that Chapter 2 for Tides of War, Lightning Strikes, will unload a handful of fixes for the problem circling around how fast you die when playing online multiplayer. Here is some of the major tweaks coming in the approaching update:

  • The name of the enemy that has killed a player is now shown in the game world when the player has died. This highlights the killer and helps players understand who killed them and from where, especially in crowded situations.
  • The death experience has improved with the addition of a camera that now follows and zooms towards the killer. This will allow players to understand what killed them and the position of the killer.
  • The accuracy of the visual representation of incoming bullets for other players has been improved. Tracers should now properly appear to consistently appear from the shooter and should be clearer when the victim is looking directly at the shooter.
  • An issue was fixed with the UI directional damage indicator that delayed the indication of damage to the victim.
  • Tweaks were made to the UI directional damage indicator to more accurately point towards the enemy damaging the player.

Some of the mentioned content that will join the list of fixes for the World War II shooter is four new weapons and a new game mode titled Squad Conquest. Similar to the already present Conquest mode, the timed mode will be live from January 17th to January 30th and pins two teams of eight in a portion of Rotterdam, Arras, and Hamada maps.

Battlefield V is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Electronic Arts

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