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Lil Capped Takes 6th in Singles, 4th in Doubles in Rectify Debut at Brawlhalla’s Autumn Championship

Posted on October 22, 2018 by Colin Ferguson

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Rectify continues to make big splashes in the FGC and Esports with their newest additions as Brawlhalla’s Lil Capped, who was announced as Rectify’s newest recruit this past Friday, placed 5th in singles and 4th in doubles in a rousing debut.

Lil Capped started his weekend strong by not losing a game in his singles pool and Top 128, until losing one game to Mentality’s Phazon (who was also his doubles partner) in Top 32 while still taking the set. Lil Capped continued to dominate through the bracket and eventually landed a Top 8 berth in the winner’s bracket. However, it was not meant to be as Lil Capped fell to the eventual champion, Straight To The Point’s Wilson. He also fell to Boomie, who lost shortly after in Loser’s Semifinals.

In doubles, Lil Capped teamed with Mentality’s Phazon and the exemplary play was no different from singles. The duo cruised through pools and Top 32 with no games lost. It was in Top 8 where they began falter as they lost to Simba and SillyGobi in Winner’s Starlight and T1FF4NY in losers. Those winning teams went on to place 3rd and 2nd respectively, making Lil Capped and Phazon’s run even more impressive.

Overall, it was a fantastic outing from Lil Capped in both singles in doubles. This past spring, Lil Capped was ranked 3rd in Brawlhalla’s power rankings and he looks to build his way to the #1 spot as he continues to show why everyone should “Fear The Sting” in the future.

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