Looking back and moving forward, A Halo Retrospective 

Posted on October 19, 2014 by Gregory Dawes

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Halo has always had a special place in the hearts of many gamers. It reaches out to us in ways we didn’t think a video game could. It inspires creation and has one of the, if not THE, most passionate fanbases around. Every little thing that is touched, added, or even removed from Halo is questioned and debated for hours on end, not because we are bashing the developers, but because we care deeply about the franchise and where it is headed.


343 Industries has proven that they are not only listening to their fans, but also reacting to them. When Bonnie Ross took the stage at E3 2014 and announced The Master Chief Collection, Halo fans were in shock. The past 10+ years of Master Chief, all bundled in a single collection. It was too good to be true. But here we stand, eagerly awaiting the return of our memories, all updated visually, still containing all of the original charm which made us love them to begin with. But what’s more, this collection lays the foundation for 343 and Halo’s future, a bright and shining star for a fanbase who thought that they had lost touch with Halo, or Halo had lost touch with them. This game is a pure love letter to the fans who care so deeply about Halo, and who would do anything to see it succeed, even in it’s roughest days.




Come November 11th, Halo fans around the world will be reliving memories from Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, and even the more recent Halo 4. They may be 4 separate titles, but the charm of Halo can be found in any one of them. Want to relive the first moment you crash onto a Halo ring? Jump into CE. Want to relive Halo’s first Xbox Live multiplayer game? Hop on Halo 2. Want to start a new fight and finish it all over again? Halo 3 is just a button press away. Want to experience the start to Master Chief’s new journey? Wake up Halo 4. There is an unlimited number of possibilities that this collection allows for. It’s up to us, the fans, to bring new memories into experiences we have poured hours into, and would gladly do so again. On behalf of all of Rectify Gaming, congratulations on going gold 343, we can’t wait to see where you guys go next. We’ll see you on the virtual battlegrounds November 11th. <3




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