Luke Smith Answers 104 Questions about The Taken King

Posted on August 5, 2015 by Belle

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GameInformer sat down with The Taken King’s creative director Luke Smith and asked him 104 questions about Destiny: The Taken King – well mostly about Destiny.

The very quick paced comedic interview yields a number of interesting answers about upcoming changes with The Taken King.

The new level cap for your guardian will be Level 40. There are three or four new strikes, “depending”. It’s probably safe to assume this means four strikes for PS4 and three strikes for everyone else.

When asked about vault space expansion Luke Smith replied with, “sort of.” This may refer to the fact that your inventory and vault may have more open slots thanks to Eva, the Shader Lady, who will now have a full list of shaders and emblems available in the game with the choice to require those you have already owned, leaving out the need to store them all on your guardian or in your vault at all times.

Your ghost will have the option of sporting new skins this Fall. The raid in TTK is said to be bigger and better than previous raids in Destiny. Players will have the ability to skip cutscenes which are said to be sprinkled throughout the game.

There are 8 new multiplayer maps and “a lot of new music”. Osiris is alive and the Darkness is indeed confirmed to be bad.

When asked if there will be more to do while in loading screens Luke Smith replied with “Do you like sandwiches?” Translation – maybe there is more to do in loading screens in TTK or Luke Smith was just really hungry during this interview.

According to Bungie is should be fairly easy to catch up to your friends if you are new to the game or do not play often. Loot should drop a lot more often and Bungie is hopeful that Exotics will be easier to find.

Game Informer asked Smith is there will be any giant twists in TTK storyline and his response? “The twist is that there is a story.”

Smith also confirmed that The Taken King is indeed worth the $40 price tag.

For the full comedic experience and answers to all 104 questions check out the full interview below and let us know your thoughts!

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