Forza Horizon 2 March Car Pack Clues, And My Guesses!

Posted on February 27, 2015 by Metro

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So today the march car pack clue thread has been posted, and of course they give us very vague hints as to what we are getting. I like a challenge and the set of questions are interesting to me. But the real question is, what will be right or what will be wrong.  The “Clues” are as listed below.


Car one clue one:

People like to steal these. Probably because the model has been seen in movies like Gossip Girl, Goosebumps, Cop Land, Final Impact, The Bone Collector and more.


Now i looked into this and someone made a page for all the cars in Gossip Girl ( And the majority of the cars are fords and Audi’s? Goosebumps has a “Haunted Car Book” and a mini episode about the book and that was a Ford Lincoln Town Car. Cop Land is about cops, and Most cops (At least around me) Drive Lincoln Town Cars.

Car two clue one:

Torture for both man and machine.

No real ideas here, so lets say something that was a bad thing to drive, and alot of people werent safe in, Like a reliant Robin.


Car three clue one:

Sometimes your partner may throw rocks at you.
These seems like a Top Gear reference, but I’m not quite sure myself.

Maybe it’s a Cadillac Deville from Top Gear? I’m not so sure.


Car four clue one:

Officer Dibble never stood a chance.


Officer Dibble is from a cartoon “tom cat” Now you think cat, I think hellcat. Never standing a chance? Well that scream hellcat.



Car five clue one:

“Too luxurious,” we think not!


Maybe a new Mercedes Benz? Like 2015 Mercedes-Benz C400 4Matic




Car six clue one:

Queen Elizabeth may have more hats but she has never wore them this well.


Queen Elizabeth owns and drives a land rover series 3, which might be the car we can be seeing.




Now for the free car, I’m thinking it would be the Ford Lincoln Town Car, it does not seem very exciting and a car that would make me want to buy the pack, so they make it free. What do you guys think of my list? Do you agree or disagree with anything? Let me know on twitter (@mehtrological) If you think im right or wrong.


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