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Mario & Luigi RPG Team AlhpaDream Files For Bankruptcy

In breaking news that developed today it was revealed that Japanese developer AlphaDream, the team behind the notorious Mario & Luigi RPG titles on Game Boy and Nintendo DS/3DS have officially filed for bankruptcy. In a report from JapaneseNintendo, the company for some time have struggled with overarching debt which the firm could not bounce back from despite the handful of licensed and well-received titles under Nintendo.

Going into specifics, the Nintendo-focused outlet discloses that the developer’s income reported from 2014 is said to be roughly ¥300 million ($2.78 million). However, the collected debt for AlphaDream nearly doubles at ¥465 million ($4.3 million) which was recorded just last March.

Regardless of the strong lineup of portable titles under Nintendo, the Japanese publisher never made the initiative to acquire AlphaDream and rather preferred the team to be independent when working on projects with Nintendo’s properties. The studio since its founding in 1991 released its first title in 2000 with KotoBattle: Tengai no Moribito as Alpha Star at the time before rebranding and followed by a selection of Hamtaro titles before inheriting the opportunity to developing Mario & Luigi games.

While the team just finished up on a remake of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story for the Nintendo 3DS and a mobile release for Kedama no Gonjiro: Fit & Run earlier this year, there is also a third project that was in development with the team’s involvement, mainly for the current Nintendo Switch. While the was not solely working on this unnamed game, the title however has already been properly announced.

Although insider Liam Robertson did disclose that there was a project that AlphaDream were co-developing with another studio, he did then clarify in a separate tweet that the developer is no longer working on this enigmatic project. “They’re not actively working on anything. It’s over.”

What was your favorite title from AlphaDream?

Source: JapaneseNintendo

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