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Marvel Ultimate Alliance PC ports face complaints

Posted on July 27, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance (MUA) 1 and 2 enjoyed their fairly successful runs last generation. As far as the PC versions are concerned, only the first game came out in physical format while the second one never came into the light of day.
Activision is now re-releasing these two games as Remasters for the Xbox One, PS4, and (finally) PC. However, as far as the PC version is concerned, it is receiving a lot of complaints.
While YouTube reviewer, TotalBiscuit, praises the game (despite the seemingly contradictory title of his video), he says it’s best to use the controller because keyboard/mouse controls are not effective, such as using Control+1 for a special attack instead of just 1 while using the left-click for a basic attack. He also complains about the video not having 1080p as well as having to restart the game for the video changes to take effect.
Kotaku’s Mike Fahey, on the other hand, is not as forgiving. He says the “wonky controller mapping, horrible sound issues and other problems have folks calling it the worst PC port of the year.” He also says all the DLC features from the original games are missing, calling it “an insult to injury.”
So far the Steam community of both MUA games is giving them negative reviews. For the first MUA game, one user says:

If you are going to charge close to full retail price for your game, at least make an effort to have it playable. Very first button prompt, the please press A part doesn’t work. How does that get passed QA. Come on.

For the second MUA game, another user says:

Don’t. Just don’t. Not right now anyways. The game is riddled with bugs.
-Sound issues, constant low pitching crackling that ruins everything and causes a headache (at least in my case)
-Gameplay issues, sometimes my characters just start sliding to the right and I lose control over them, this results in them falling through the map and dying.
-Conversation issues, dialogue cuts off too soon near the end of sentences
-Probably more but I’m not going to play this game again until they sort everything out

Even if Activision fixes the bugs for the PC version, asking $40 for each game or $60 for a bundle from a game that is 10 years old is still too steep. The Resident Evil Remasters are $20, so there is no reason why gamers need to shell out that kind of money for a Remaster.
Hopefully, though, Activision fixes those bugs soon or else their department will be facing huge refund demands if not done so already.

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