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Marvel wants Insomniac's upcoming PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man game to be game of the year

Posted on February 26, 2017 by Rectify Gaming

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Over the past few days there have been lots of stories relating to Insomniac games with the possibility of Sunset Overdrive 2 and now Marvel has brought up some expectations for the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game.
Speaking with IGN at DICE 2017, Marvel Games chief Bill Rosemann revealed a little more about the company’s vision, stressing that licensed titles won’t need to be canon – “We want [our development partners] to have passion, we want them to put their stamp on the games” – and that it’s taking each project extremely seriously.

“We want every game to be game of the year,” he revealed. “So we’re focusing on each game at a time. We know there are certain characters people are really hungry for, [but] right now we’re just going to focus on getting the [projects we’ve announced] right.”

We aren’t sure when to expect this title to come out, it most likely will not be this year. Hopefully we see some new gameplay for the upcoming Sony exclusive at E3 2017

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