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Marvel’s Spider-Man Is Now The Top-Selling Superhero Video Game

Posted on July 20, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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The concept surrounding superhero video game adaptations, for the most part, typically followed the film adaptation that hit the box office the same week. As we have seen with Batman Returns back on the Sega Genesis to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the current wave of hardware, there is a certain pattern that follows comic heroes when starring in full fledge titles.

Though fans who remembered playing the licensed titles at the time might hold a nostalgic attachment to said games, a bevy of them however don’t typically hold up to be praised unlike the character’s standing on print. Which to an extent, gives a negative connotation when talking about video games based on the heroes from comic books.

Not until the mid to late 2000s did we witness developers break from the heroes structure on film to create unique as well as canon stories through video games that broke the initial stigma. Rocksteady Studios with the release of the Batman Arkham trilogy and the recent Marvel’s Spider-Man took players by storm and even competed against titles that released at the time.

The release of succeeding Batman Arkham City broke the caped crusader from the encaptured walls of Arkham Island and into the streets of Gotham City with a upgrade on the gameplay from Arkham Asylum and a more expansive story which also included a post-ending DLC story. The game since 2011 held as the most successful superhero title in the gaming market, well until this week actually.

According to NPD analyst Mat Priscatella, he disclosed data for the most sold superhero titles in the United States, revealing that Batman Arkham City has been dethroned from the number one spot by Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Which is a pretty big feat for the Marvel title seeing that the first & second position were both held by Rocksteady’s Arkham City and Arkham Asylum prior to the news. Another noteworthy mention on the accomplishment for Insomniac Games is that the title took the first place spot as the game is only exclusive to one platform. The previous first place holder being available on now two generations of platforms is a pretty large opponent to outsell and is quite impressive.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man is out now only on PlayStation 4.


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