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Mass Effect Andromeda will be at least 45GB on PS4 and XB1

Last week it was announced that Mass Effect: Andromeda went gold and now it is less than a month until the game releases. BioWare has revealed that the game will be “at least 45GB” on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
In a response to a question on Twitter, Lead Designer Ian S. Frazier said, “At least 45, not more than 60.” He later added, “On PC, 55 GB. On consoles, I’m not 100 percent sure, could be as low as 40 or as high as 60.” We can safely assume that the size will be in that ballpark.
Andromeda will also be getting a day one patch, “A good portion of the team is still working on the day-one patch. No rest for the wicked,” said Frazier. He also revealed that the team is actually pushing hard to get the patch out in time for those who’ll have early access on Xbox One EA Access and on Origin.

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