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Mass Effect: Andromeda's companion app APEX HQ launches in limited markets today, worldwide March 20

Mass Effect: Andromeda is still just about a week away from full launch on the 21st of this month, but EA and BioWare are still setting things up outside the game to make sure players can jump right in and have everything work, and that includes the multiplayer aspects.  One multiplayer aspect of Mass Effect: Andromeda that players may not expect is a companion app that can act as a useful, and mobile, real-world HUD showing progress, weapon loadout, character progress, and way more.  Today, EA and BioWare are releasing the companion app, called APEX HQ, in its first few markets, and here’s what you need to know before the companion app becomes globally available on March 20.
The markets that APEX HQ is launching in today include Canada, Ireland, Romania, and Singapore.  The app’s launch page states that the worldwide rollout will take place the day before the game is available, though we aren’t sure why at the moment.  The next thing to know is that the app will require players to sign in using an EA account, or an EA account-linked Xbox Live or PlayStation Network ID to use.  That same account will need to be the one used on the console or PC actually playing the full game, obviously.
While the app’s page has a comprehensive description of each aspect of the app including what Andromeda players can do there, we’ll link that as the source and cover the sections in general.  Within APEX HQ, there is Home, Character, Strike Teams, Prestige, Missions, and Friends.  Each is largely self-explanatory, but the most useful sections for Andromeda players will likely be Strike Teams, where they can manage their teams when away from their console or PC, Characters, which lets players modify their weapon loadout and spend skill points, and Friends, where they can check who’s online from their friends list to know who to hop online with later.
The app’s help documentation specifically notes that the app will work on iOS 9.3 and newer and Android 4.1 and newer, so make sure your phone or tablet is running the latest OS version before trying to download APEX HQ when it launches in your market.  While players eagerly await Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s release next week, it’s great to see EA and BioWare prepping the game and its various aspects for a, hopefully, smooth and successful day-one.  For the latest developments heading up to Andromeda‘s launch, and the latest in gaming in general, stay tuned to Rectify Gaming.
Source: APEX HQ Launch Page

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