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Mass Effect Has “Many Stories Left To Tell,” Game Director Shares

Fans of BioWare’s Mass Effect franchise is well aware of the underwhelming release of Mass Effect: Andromeda back in 2017 and most recently with the launch of the new IP Anthem back in February: regardless of how the two ended up unraveling, the developer is still looking to introduce more to the series according to a recent tweet.

According to a celebratory post on Twitter for N7 Day this week, Mass Effect trilogy Director Casey Hudson uploaded a few images of unreleased concept art for the series. Upon sharing the images, Hudson also tells that there are “so many stories yet to tell,” giving the implication that the team has more on the way for Mass Effect.

Further expanding on what Hudson might truly mean from his tweet is left for the masses to speculate on until properly being issued to what BioWare has next in store for the series. Currently ,the only knowings that have sprouted for the developer’s next project has already been revealed at last year‘s Game Awards with Dragon Age’s The Dread Wolf Rises. Unfortunately, no further detail has arised sine December of last year.

However, BioWare has reflected on their most reputable IP through the latest event for Anthem. Using the Season of Skulls Halloween event to reward players with Mass Effect skins for to decorate your Javelin in the game.

On BioWare’s latest project, Anthem, you can read our full review for the game by going here. Rectify Gaming’s David Rodriguez shares he game to be “a lore-rich, co-op RPG with a fantastic combat engine and visuals to match.

What do you hope could evolve from these implied teases from the game director?

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