Massachusetts Next U.S. State To Force Close GameStop Locations Following Reported Incidents

Posted on April 5, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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A few weeks back following the controversy that tailed GameStop as the video game retail chain still had stores open despite many other respected retail brands already closed, the storefront ultimately closed the doors to public on offering curbside pick-up for those who ordered at store that chose to remain open. However, even after the decision that was put into effect by the company’s standing Chief Executive Officer, locations in Massachusetts went against the order.

According to The Boston Globe, all locations in the entirety of the state are now instructed to force close after stores in the region remained open. In effort to remain open while still abiding to restraining further spread of germs, a chain email went out to employees on how to properly deal on the matter.

“Lightly (you want to be able to get it off easily) tape a Game Stop plastic bag over your hand and arm. Do not open the door all the way — keep the glass between you and the guest’s face — just reach out your arm.” Despite the thought of attempting to battle these contagious elements in such a way, this ultimately resulted with all stores within state lines to be forced closed after word broke out on the instructions employees were told to follow.

Unlike the letterhead that was provided to those back in late March, all stores were required to shut down until further notice according to officials for the State of Massachusetts. The City of Boston’s Inspectional Services Department instructed the Dorchester store of Suffolk County to close this past Wednesday. The following day the store was issued a Nuisance Order by an inspector on the incident.

Massachusetts is not the first state to be issued the same forced closure as stores in California, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and New York received the same treatment just weeks prior. But with the circumstances that the location chose to go against ended with the entire state to follow the stricter guidelines in result.

What state do you think might be next to follow what occurred in Massachusetts?

Source: The Boston Globe

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