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Master Chief skin is now available in Rainbow Six Siege

Posted on September 26, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Earlier in the Summer it was leaked that Master Chief would join Ubisoft’s popular first-person shooter, Rainbow Six Siege and it looks like that became true. Today, Ubisoft and 343 Industries announced that the popular Halo icon is now available in Rainbow Six Siege as part of the Sledge Elite Set.

Included in the set is Spartan-117’s helmet and armor inspired by Halo Infinite’s version of Master Chief along with a gadget skin that turns Sledge’s breaching hammer into a Banished Gravity Hammer.

The weapon skins involved with this Sledge Elite Set are (M590A1 shotgun and L825A2 assault rifle) and a secondary (P226 MK25 pistol) as well as Operator cards, a victory celebration, and the Cortana Chibi charm.

You can purchase the Sledge Master Chief Elite Bundle for 2,403 R6 Credits making it the most expensive Elite Bundle in the store. (Thanks for this information)

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