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Meet The Players: WonderBread – Rectify Esports Super Smash Bros. Player

Andre also known was WonderBread from Gainesville Florida was first introduced to Rectify Esports back on December 17th which was also known for Rectify Gaming’s 4 year anniversary. WonderBread has been competing for a couple years now and has some notable placings such as placing 65th at EVO 2017 out of 1,508 entrants, placing 97th of 674 at Genesis 5 2018, and placing 13th of 148 entrants in Super Smash. Bros Wii U Doubles with Ryo from Balance Esports at Genesis 5.
Rectify Gaming (RCG): Who is your favorite Smash character not named Lil’ Mac?
WonderBread (WB): Lucina is definitely my second favorite character, but fighters like Ike and Roy also rank up there.
RCG: What is your favorite type of bread?

WB: Sourdough bread makes for the best sandwiches.

RCG: What drives you to play and improve upon Lil’ Mac despite his tier placement?

WB: For a while there, I didn’t really understand my ambition with the game, knowing I didn’t aim to be the best in the world but also not being content with my state as a player and my results. Lately, I’ve decided to channel my efforts into becoming the undisputed best with this character, especially in the upcoming smash game. When people say Little Mac, I want there to be an association with my name. 

RCG: Who has been your toughest opponent to fight in your Smash 4 career?

WB: There are plenty of easy answers here, be it my mentor, Ryo, competitors from around Florida that I struggle with, or even the various top players I’ve encountered in bracket. I think I’ll go with ZeRo, from when we had a set at the hardest smash 4 tourney to date, 2GGC Civil War. His at-the-time retired sheikh still quickly dissected me, and he was and to me still is the best player in the world, so it only makes sense to me to put him here.

RCG: What excites you the most about Smash Ultimate?

WB: Plenty to be excited about, but for me, the normalization of traits that are standard in the competitive smash community is a process I’m so happy to witness. A revamped training mode, crew battle and iron man modes built in, the return of tourney mode, saved rulesets, stage before character, all the while not even touching on the online modes which could offer even more? This game is going to be amazing.

RCG: If you could pick any character to be added into Ultimate, who would it be and why?

WB: Sora deserves it, but if I could pick ANY character it would be the Disney character Stitch. I think he’d be super well suited for Smash, and I love the character.

RCG: What are your top 5 songs you play to get you in the zone for a match?

WB: “The Fire” by the Roots, “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore, “Gohan’s anger” from the DBZ score, “KK Cruisin” from Animal Crossing, and “Make My Story” by Lenny Code Fiction.

RCG: What was your first Smash game and who did you main?

WB: My first game was Melee, and I was so young that I couldn’t tell you if I even had a main.

RCG: What is your favorite game to play when you take a breather from Smash?

WB: Nowadays, I hop on Call of Duty zombies to pass the time, but usually I just hop on my phone and watch videos or streams.

RCG: Which of these meme characters would you add to Smash? Shrek or Waluigi?

WB: Definitely Waluigi, and if he weren’t confirmed an assist trophy I wouldn’t even call it a meme pick. 

RCG: What made you decide to start playing Smash competitively?

WB: I went to my first tourney and fell in love with the environment, the stream, and I already loved the game. I just wanted to come back and always do better.

RCG: Is there any other fighting game you’ve wanted to pick up?

WB: I wanted to play Dragonball Figtherz, and I own the game and play here and there, but nothing has come of it yet. I enter the local events sometimes.

RCG: What made you decide on the name “Wonderbread?

WB: I loved the logo as a kid and saw the name used as a placeholder for a Steam account in a let’s play I watched and just adopted it for myself. 

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