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Memories of Reach REQ reveal pt.2

Posted on May 7, 2016 by Jacob [TheTophatWonder]

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UPDATE 2: Memories of Reach releases May 12th.
UPDATE: A Memories of Reach REQ Pack has appeard on Xbox Wire. Thanks to Little Moa on Twitter for finding this.
Now for everyone’s favourite segment on the week, I am back with the community update provided by 343 every week.
As usual, news was big about the future update, which is at the moment Memories of Reach. And a lot of what I said last week mostly happened to be true. But let’s get the petty stuff out of the way first before we head into deep water.
First off, we have Matchmaking options. Not gamemode options, but actualy, game searching options. Let me explain; so, (As example) Australians can only find games in Aus since the game is region locked, so we hardly find any. everyone else seems to be fine. But when the update drops, you can then decide which options you feel like searching for:

  • Balanced (default): Search for a match based on your fireteam’s skill and network connection quality.
  • Expanded: Widen search parameters to find the first available match with reasonable skill matching and network connection quality.
  • Focused: Narrow search to find the best match based on your fireteam’s skill and connection. Search times may be longer than normal.

So yeah, instead of locating by region, it now does by skill and network connection.
Second up, we have a change to post match. Depending on what your personality is, you’ll think it’s either cleaner or a bit more confusing than what it is now. But we do now have the medal showcase thing post game (On the default screen), however you can now view/do:

  • All Medals earned from the match, including quantity, medal rarity, and description
  • Tool of Destruction
  • Killed Most (see who each player killed most, and how many times)
  • Killed By (see who each player fell victim to the most, and how many times)
  • Press LB or RB to view Commendations or Progress from your Recap
  • Press LT or RT to view Recaps of other players from the match.

So now we get more detailed post game reports.
Last minor agenda to attend to, we have the Sandbox updates. I don’t know how to explain it myself, so I’ll quote 343 here:

“For Memories of Reach, we’ve fixed a bug where Spartan Charge would not properly target enemies at the edges of a red reticle on the horizontal plane (you can still get red reticle and miss vertically). Fear not, though – players who skillfully evade a Spartan-Charging player with Thrust will still escape without taking damage. Additionally, Spartan Charge with Speed Boost will no longer be a one-hit kill, and Spartan Charge with the Gravity Hammer will no longer be a one-hit kill.

The last item is a slight increase to movement speed while crouching. This has been increased to allow for crouching to be a more viable choice for players to flank and attack. The speed isn’t drastic, but after months of testing we’ve found it to be the sweet spot.”

Now for the star of the show, the REQ reveals.
Last week we got confirmed the skins from the exclusive skin pack were all in, plus Noble Team’s helmets, a new attachment, the plasma rifle and a bit more, but this week we got the definite names for the armour sets and some fixes to the typos on the REQ sheet. But this week was a HUUUGE shocker to most of the community. But not me. Remember in last week’s article I called BS on the ONI card? Well I was right on. Instead of something everyone wanted or something to bring back memories of Reach, we got a new Phaeton. (Oh yeah, Jorge’s gun was confirmed). The new addition to the Promethean armoury is the Phaeton Helios, no info given on it yet, but my theory is that it acts like the Dying Star, the bullets combust when enough have been shot at the target. So this closes a lot of possibilities, and opens a lot too. We also got a new armour mod which looks to be for vehicles, but again, no more info about that until the livestream

And the livestream takes place on May 11, 3PM P.T Time.

This is Jacob, and I’ll see you next week for a new community update



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I'm a uni student who has a passion for most things media. I make films when inspiration hits me and I love gaming of course.

Nintendo Fan always, Xbox Fan occasionally