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Metal Wolf Chaos XD Hits Western Stores This August

Just this past June at E3, indie publisher Digital Devolver announced that 2004’s Metal Wolf Chaos will officially hit the West for the first time with the remastered version of the original Xbox title debuting on all major platforms sometime in the near future.

Now recently, Devolver has fully released a full trailer showing off the remaster for a Western launch aimed for this coming August: initially, the title was exclusive to the Xbox platform in Japan thanks to FromSoftware, but now the game will be jumping platforms with a host of new features for modern players.

The main basis for the action title follows 47th U.S. President Michael Wilson as he combats against Vice-President Richard Hawk who seized the nation with his army of mechanized legions. When the project was first teased for the game, Digital Devolver revealed that elements like 16:9 ratio support, 4K resolution, and an improved save system will be implemented for the coming mech fighter.

Oddly enough, seeing the time the game was released and its initial exclusivity to Japan, there is no plan for the game to drop on the Nintendo Switch. Maybe because the game will support 4K outputs that the game has nothing set in motion for the hybrid handheld console? Digital Devolver has yet to reveal the reason for there being no launch for the Switch.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD will be out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on August 6. 2019 for $24.99.

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