Metaphor: ReFantazio releases October 11

Posted on April 22, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Atlus held an exclusive showcase that featured its brand new IP, Metaphor: ReFantazio, a full-scale fantasy RPG which is a first for the developer. During the live stream featuring Katsura Hashino, we were able to see more gameplay and cutscenes that featured its main characters like Gallica, Strohl, Hulkenberg, and Heismay.

The showcase announced Metaphor: ReFantazio will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC on October 11, 2024.

You can view The King’s Trial trailer below:

Metaphor: ReFantazio Collector’s Edition

Metaphor: ReFantazio does come with a Collector’s Edition for those who are already interested in the new franchise. The cost of this Collector’s Edition is $149.99 USD and here is what you will get:

metaphor refantazio collectors edition

Physical Base Game




Homo Tenta Metallic Pins

Sticker Sheet

Kingdom of Euchronia Cloth Map

Costume & Battle BGM Set DLC Voucher

Shujin Academy School Uniform (7), Battle BGM & Battle Jingle Set

Yasogami High School Uniform, Battle BGM & Battle Jingle Set

Gekkoukan High School Uniform, Battle BGM & Battle Jingle Set

Seven Sisters High School Uniform, Battle BGM & Battle Jingle Set

St. Hermelin High School Uniform, Battle BGM & Battle Jingle Set

Jouin High School Uniform, Battle BGM & Battle Jingle Set

Samurai Garb, Battle BGM & Battle Jingle Set

Etrian Odyssey Series Classes Costume & Battle BGM Set

Atlus 35th Anniversary Digital History Book + Soundtrack

Pre-order Bonus Vouchers

Archetype EXP Chest Set

10x Hero’s Incenses (Increases Archetype Experiences by 100)

5x Hero’s Fruits (Increases Archetype Experiences by 500)

Adventurer’s Journey Pack

30,000 Reeve (In-game currency)

5x Expensive Medicines (Restores 200 HP to one ally)

5x Revival Medicines (Revives an ally)

3x Magical Breads (Gradually recover MP while in dungeon)

2x Stale Blackbreads (Deals heavy Almighty damage to one enemy)

You can pre-order it now on the official Metaphor website.

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