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Metro Exodus Getting Shipped With A Photo Mode At Launch

What seems to be rolling in as a comfortable norm with newer and more eye appealing titles, phot mode has become a well appreciated gift when exploring and creating scenes with a handful of settings and filters. Now the upcoming title Metro Exodus will be receiving the mode at launch this February.

Metro Redux back in 2014 introduced the capabilities the game could hold with better visuals as well as finer details in both graphics and even performance: now that a photo mode is inbound for the third installment in the series, it’s exciting that we will be able to capture our journey through the story’s campaign now. If you haven’t played the redux or even seen the comparisons, it is breathtaking to see the differences, even for today’s standard when talking about a game that launched at the beginning of this generation.

4A Games announced today that the new photo mode alongside a tease for more story detail that will drop tomorrow. Regarding today’s reveal, studio Executive Producer Jon Boch that on top of the mode being highly requested, the Ukrainian developer made a work around to make photos less awkward for the strictly first-person title.

They’re relatively rare in 1st person shooters, but the team have been determined to make it work and give Metro fans the opportunity to capture their own stories from the Russian wastelands.

It was also shared with the new feature that PC users will get a bigger benefit using the in-game mechanic over their console counterparts. With “support for Ansel, NVIDIA’s proprietary screenshot capture software”, PC players will take grander images with the extra boost from the exclusive software.

Metro Exodus is set to launch on February 15, 2019 for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

Source: 4A Games

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